Dress Code

Although we expect modest dress in practice, we also need garments to show body alignment.  The following dress code will enable instructors to make sure that dancers’ bodies are correctly positioned.  If dancers are not properly dressed for class, the instructor has the right to ask the student to not participate with certain class exercises or to dismiss the student from the class for the day.  If dress code violations become a habit, the instructor has the right to dismiss the student for the entire year.
This dress code is for ALL classes fall through summer!  Summer Dance Campers should follow our jazz/hip-hop requirements.


  • Leotard: All dancers are required to attend class in a leotard.  Please make sure leotards fit properly (Not too tight, too small or too loose).  Older dancers, please be conscious of modesty when choosing a leotard, avoiding low cut styles and camisole straps.  Absolutely NO undergarments should be visible!  We also ask that you wear a shirt over your leotard while entering or exiting the building!
  • Tights: Tights or Thick Leggings in either pink, tan or black.
  • Skirt or Shorts: A ballet skirt or mid thigh shorts MUST be worn over tights and leotard.  Please make sure skirts and/or shorts allow for proper movement are not too tight around the hips.
  • Ballet Shoes:  All dancers are required to attend ballet class in proper pink leather or canvas ballet shoes.  Please no bedroom style slippers!  Shoes can be purchased at Payless, through on-line dancewear stores or through Leaps of Faith.


  • Tops:  All dancers are required to attend class in a leotard T-shirts may be worn over the leotard.   Absolutely no undergarments are to be visible.  Check with Instructor if you have any further questions.
  • Bottoms:  Black Jazz pants or Capri length pants.  Pants must be stretchy enough to allow for free movement.  If wearing shorts, TIGHTS  MUST BE WORN.  Due to some floor work in class, pants/tights over the knees should be worn or risk “floor burn” to the knees.  If leggings are see-through, in any way, then shorts MUST be worn over them as we view these as tights and not pants.
  • Shoes: Absolutely NO street shoes!  Shoes can be purchased through on-line dancewear stores or through Leaps of Faith.
    • Romans Jazz/Hip-Hop I & II: Tan Jazz Shoes
    • Zechariah Hip-Hop: Black Jazz Sneakers


  • Attire:  Same as either Ballet or Jazz except for shoes
  • Black Tap Shoes*:  Shoes can be purchased through on-line dancewear stores or through Leaps of Faith.  Please NO PATENT LEATHER STYLE TAP SHOES (primarily found at Payless, Target, Meijer or Walmart) as they damage our floor!
    • *TOWDAH, RAQAD & SHABACH TAP CLASSES – Require Black Jazz Taps (Laces or Slip on).  No Mary Jane styles!  These classes will have dancers doing movements that require a more stable shoe.


  • Tops: All dancers are REQUIRED to wear a leotard with at least a tank style (or 1″) strap.  Make sure the leotard covers most of the dancers back including any under garments.
  • Bottoms: All dancers are required to wear FOOTLESS tights or leggings to every class!  Dancers can wear tight fitting shorts or capris over their tights.  ABSOLUTELY NO baggy shorts, tops or skirts will be permitted after warm-up.  Dancers will be doing skills requiring full range of motion and teacher assisted movement.  Loose garments can cause safety issues that could cause slipping and potential for injuring a dancer.
  • SHOES: Tan half-soles & barefeet.  We will be learning skills on the mats using bare feet.  Once we start choreography (January), dancers will need to bring their shoes.
  • Hair: Must be pulled back securely in a LOW bun or braid… NO PONYTAILS PERMITTED!
  • WARNING… any dancer not prepared for class in the appropriate attire will be asked to sit out for the day… no exceptions!


  • Must be pulled into a ponytail, bun or braid. (Exception is Acro… see above)
  • Please make sure that hair is secure, off the face and dancers will not need to adjust it.


If you have any questions pertaining to dress code or need to know where to purchase items needed for class, please contact Erin Morris (614) 406-2367 or email us at leapsoffaithcdc@gmail.com

Dance items are now available to order through Leaps of Faith!!! See our Dancewear page!

Other dancewear sites include:

DISCOUNT DANCE – www.discountdance.com  Teacher Code: TP48320 for 10% off your first purchase.  Enter code at checkout

OPENING NIGHT DANCEWEAR – 163 Granville St., Columbus, OH 43230  (614)337-9733