Outreach Information

Leaps of Faith aims to not only train up dancers in a Christian environment but to also give our dancers opportunities to share their faith and love for God through dance in their communities.  Our dancers have had the privilege of dancing for Paul Wilbur and Messiah Dance Company at Living Word Christian Church in Chicago, CBN studios in Virginia Beach and Fairfield Christian Church in Lancaster, OH.  They have also enjoyed ministering during our Lancaster Festival, July 4th Parade and at multiple local churches in and around Fairfield County.

2015-2016 Outreach Team

To schedule our dancers for your next event:


  • Lisa Callahan (Outreach Coordinator)     leapsoutreach@gmail.com


  • Erin Morris (Director)
  • Corinne Harris (Assistant Director)
Photo May 13, 8 01 56 PM
Dancers at Amanda United Methodist Church

Our Outreach Team:

Being selected for our Outreach Team is not entirely based on great dance technique alone.  A Leaps of Faith dancer should be an all-around role model at home, church, school, in the community and at the studio.  Dancers will need to be able to balance school, family, church and work/chores while maintaining great grades in their schooling and showing hard work and dedication in the dance studio.  They should be friendly and encouraging as well as hardworking, dedicated, trustworthy, responsible and show a true passion for God and worshiping Him through the lively arts.  Because all of our students exhibit some if not all of these wonderful characteristics, the following requirements have been instituted…

OUTREACH TEAM (Ages 10 and up) Thursdays 6:45pm – 8:45pm

  • Meets on Thursdays (6:45pm – 8:45pm) for  Choreography & Outreach Training
  • Must have danced with Leaps of Faith for at least one complete season (Fall through Spring)
  • Must be a current Leaps of Faith student taking either a ballet or jazz class. Both is recommended.
  • Must have taken dance technique class for 2 recent consecutive years
  • Must be 10 or older by October 15, 2020

For our students interested in joining our Outreach Team…

  • Must complete the following:
    • Be at least 10 years of age by October 15, 2020
    • Attend Outreach Camp: Date TBD
    • Write an essay (at least 500 words).  The topic: Why I Dance
      • Due September 1st
    • Have 2 letters of recommendations from non-family members (ie pastors, teachers, coaches, previous dance instructors, Sunday School leaders, boss, Scout Leaders, 4-H Leader).  This is just for your initial year onto the team.  Additional letters are not necessary for consecutive years on the Outreach team.
      • Due September 1st
    • Complete an interview with director, Erin Morris

To schedule an interview:

Erin Morris (email) leapsoffaithcdc@gmail.com , (614)406-2367

Outreach Team Ministering at Amanda Christian Church