Celebration Requirements

Growing up, going to church was not a priority for my family.  However, attending any of my many dance recitals was always a way for my family to come together and celebrate together.  I can remember every recital always filled with so many costumes, fun music  and lots of smiles!  Most dance studios offer a recital at the end of the year to showcase not only the talent of their award winning instructors but also the newly learned abilities of what the students have learned for the year.  Here at Leaps of Faith Christian Dance Company, I not only want to showcase the amazing talents of your students but also allow them to put their new skills into action to help further the Kingdom of God!  That is why I do not call our year end event a “recital” but a ministering opportunity!  We will be holding our Celebration at a local church where the students can invite family, friends and neighbors to come and witness God’s amazing love in action.  What better way to invite any non-Christian friends for a chance to hear about Jesus in a fun and loving way.  I know it works for my family!  

-Erin Morris (owner/instructor)


Participation in the Spring Celebration is OPTIONAL.  If your child wishes to participate, dancers are expected to attend BOTH dress rehearsals in their entirety.  Please eliminate all excuses.  Cancel all piano practices and doctor appointments.  If you can’t be there to drop off or pick up your child, you will need to make arrangements with another parent.  DO NOT enroll your child, with the expectation of participating in the Spring Celebration, if you do not intend on making all dress rehearsals in their entirety.  When you sign that you have read this on your registration sheets, we view this as a contract with us.  If you break the contract, we will not be able to work with your family next year.  Contact Erin at (614) 406-2367 during rehearsal week if an extenuating circumstance  should arise (hospitalization, etc.)


In order for the audience to focus on the message of the portrayed through the dance routine and not on individual dancers, we aim to create unity so the Lord gets the focus and not any one individual.  It is for this reason that we strictly adhere to the following dress code…

  • All jewelry is to be removed (even newly pierced ears).  Some classes will be instructed to wear stud earrings but only in unity as a class and only if instructed by their teacher.
  • Hair is to be fixed as stated by your instructor, with each group in the same style.  If you are using hair accessories to secure loose hair (bobby pins, pony tail elastics or clips) they must match hair color.  No hair or curls hanging down from the sides and no sparkles or additional hair accessories added (bows, etc.)
  • No nail polish, body glitter or decals.
  • To ensure tights are of the same color, thickness and shine, dancers must wear their celebration tights ordered through Leaps of Faith.
  • To ensure the same color shoe, dancers are to order their dance shoes through Leaps of Faith.  See Erin for prices and details.
  • Undergarments need to be a neutral color.
  • Make-up is not required and completely optional.  If using makeup, please keep the colors more natural focusing on the student’s natural beauty.


Garments and all props and accessories are paid through your Event Fee of $60.  You can defray this cost by participating in our Fall fundraisers.  (See our Fundraiser page for details)


Photo purchases are optional.  We would like everyone to participate in their class portrait but all purchasing is optional.  Do keep in mind that we do not loan out garments for any reason.  This will be your only opportunity for a professional photo, although you will have plenty of time after the event to take pictures of your dancers in their garments.  Please note that we are unable to loan out garments to dancers for any reason outside of the company.